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November 2019 Cover

New Issue On Stands Now!


November 2019 Cover

New Issue On Stands Now!



SVH Services: A Game-Changer for Adults with Disabilities

Catherine and Robin Medovich’s son, Nicholas, is 28 years old and has an apartment in downtown Roanoke. That doesn’t sound too out-of-the-ordinary until you know one other detail about Nicholas: he’s autistic. Catherine, Robin, and Nicholas are the St. Vincent’s Home (SVH Services) Ambassador Family this year, representing and speaking out for the plethora of…

Why the Moral Development of Toddlers Matters for All of Us

by Amy Webb Research on moral development in toddlers offers us amazing insight into how perceptive young children really are . . . and what it means for our social interactions. We, as parents, all want to encourage the moral development of our children. From a young age, we teach our children to help other…

The Missing Type

by Sandra Pratt H ppy summer! C n y u elieve it is finally here? I c n remem er the excitement f summer v c ti n like it w s yesterd y. Do you notice anything weird in the previous sentences? I bet you were thinking, “Wow, someone did NOT proofread that well.”…

Dancing Under the Star

by Jacqueline Moon Roanoke dancers, movers, and expressers of self, it’s time for you to rejoice. Open now, in a massive, gorgeously renovated historic space in the light of the Mill Mountain Star, is the permanent home of Star City School of Ballet. Once housing the cafeteria of American Viscose Corporation’s Roanoke rayon plant, the…

New Name

When my wife and I started this magazine just over seven years ago, we set out to help the parents in the Roanoke Valley—young parents, parents of kids age zero to seven—learn more about what our region had to offer. After all, those are the kinds of parents we were at the time.  As new…

Prevention is the Key

In our twenty-first century American culture, many of us have a tendency to address problems more reactively than preventively. This is seen in health care when we focus our attention on excellence in bypass surgery, but not as much in preventing heart problems in the first place. It’s seen in the care of our home…


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