Save This, Buy That: Valentines!


School is Cool!

$0.32 per valentine

• Goldfish crackers

• Cardstock Paper

• Plastic Baggies

1.Cut cardstock in a medium sized circle, coloring the bottom 3/4 blue.

2.  Place circle inside plastic bag, and pour in a small serving of crackers.

3. Use twist tie or ribbon to close the bag.

poprock valentine

You Rock!

$0.23 per valentine

• Pop-Rock Candy

• Cardstock Paper

1.Decorate small square of cardstock as desired.

2. Fold paper in half and staple on to a Pop-Rock candy package.



ruler-valentineYou Rule!

$0.60 per valentine

• Rulers

• Cardstock

• Glitter Stickers

1. Create thin sleeves to slide your rulers into with cardstock paper & tape.

2. Decorate as desired.

3. Insert ruler & hand out to class!



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