Crafty Storage

Keeping your child’s crafts and awards throughout the years is important. Instead of getting a tote to fill up, a fun twist is using a cardboard box with a lid. At the beginning of each school year, get a cardboard box (like the boxes printer paper comes in) and all your art supplies. Have your…

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DIY Lavender and Chamomile Bath Bombs

     As 2016 begins, a good new year resolution to have is finding ways to combat the symptoms of stress. Two popular, and effective, ingredients to help combat stress, and its symptoms, are lavender and chamomile.      Lavender is native to parts of northern Africa and the Mediterranean. Historically, people used it when…

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7 Recycled Crafts for Summer

Use these common household items to create something new and fun! We’ve rounded up our favorite recycled crafts for summer- perfect for a rainy day or when the heat just won’t let up. 1. Milk Jug Garden Planters Eyes On Nature shared how they turned their 1/2 gallon milk jugs into the perfect flower planters…

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Save This, Buy That: Valentines!

School is Cool! $0.32 per valentine • Goldfish crackers • Cardstock Paper • Plastic Baggies 1.Cut cardstock in a medium sized circle, coloring the bottom 3/4 blue. 2.  Place circle inside plastic bag, and pour in a small serving of crackers. 3. Use twist tie or ribbon to close the bag. You Rock! $0.23 per…

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Balloon Drum – Shoebox Guitar

DIY Balloon Drum Supplies: large empty metal can large balloon rice packing tape scissors two unsharpened pencils. Instructions: 1. Cut the end off of the balloon 2. Stretch the balloon tightly over the open top of the metal can and secure with packing tape 3. Play the drum with the eraser-end of the pencils. Do you…

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Rainy Day Craft: Toilet Paper Tubes

Even with a house full of new toys, a bookcase full of fun books, and a yard ready for imagination;  a winter school break can still make your kids whine about being bored. I like to combat those whines and moans with a simple craft project with limitless possibilities- Toilet Paper Tube People. What I love…

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