Handsmith.org Summer Camps & Programs

The new Digital Manufacturing Camp at the Handsmith micro-factory in downtown Roanoke is where your child will learn electronic circuit design, multiple programming languages and design software, and create their own 3D printed projects. Handsmith is a local organization that works to create programmable artifical limbs. For $1000 your child will have an unbelievable two…

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10 Years of Pumpkins and Fun

When Eric Layman of Botetourt County took his wife Sharon to an 87-acre field in Blue Ridge, she stepped out of the car a little surprised. “Can you see it?” he asked her. “This is going to be our future.” That was 8 years ago. Now that 87 acres has been converted to a family…

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Twelve Holiday Traveling Tips

Earlier this week I  boarded a train bound for my hometown in New England with my 2 year old daughter Charlotte so we could spend Thanksgiving with my family. This train ride lasted over 12 hours. Yeah, that’s right. T-w-e-l-v-e HOURS.  Charlotte is actually wonderful at traveling, but 12 hours in a confined space can…

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