One of the free activities for the Fit Family Challenge has been PlayFitStayFit gym classes, located at Tanglewood Mall.

Jason-the owner-has offered a total of 5 free classes over the last 2 months, each on a different day of the week at 6pm.

According to the online schedule (located here: each night has a different theme-Move it Monday, Strong arms Thursday, etc.)

We made it to “Move it Monday” class workout on Monday May 9th.


and “Hump Day” Wednesday workout on May 25th.



Jason was the instructor for the Wednesday class and I was very impressed with the workout he had planned and how he clearly demonstrated the exercises and the rules of the gym. Although it was a mixture of kids and adults, he had a variety of weight options available for all fitness levels.

I had hoped to go to more than just the 2 workouts, but I really enjoyed the ones I went to and was pleased with the facility and variety of classes offered.

What Fit Family Challenge activities have you and your family been able to go to?

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